Labour Day Musings from Katrina

Taking over the farm is overwhelming. It is incredible and wonderful and challenging. I have high hopes of communicating the farm goings on, so that you can all feel that you have more connection to where your food comes from. We want to make ordering and delivery/pickup simpler and easier… We’re working towards finding balance both in terms of what a transition from 2 experienced farmers to 1 kinda experienced farmer and her partner means, but also in terms of continuing to be connected to community and off-farm interests. We want to have more opportunities for people to make connections to the farm…

Don’t let the above worry you. We aren’t thinking about changing any of what we currently do, but more, we’re trying to figure out how to farm “smarter” while honouring our significant concerns about how what we do impacts the environment and our community. How do we stay a “small”, family run, sustainable and regenerative farm without needing to work off the farm while also earning enough income to support our lives?

Are there ways that we could use the farm property and pre-existing infrastructure and enterprises to support new ones that are exciting to us? After we hosted Rachel and Robin’s wedding back in 2008, I’ve often thought that we could be a lovely wedding venue, or event venue. We’d love to do field to fork dinners on the farm in collaboration with a local chef and cidery! But how do we find the time amongst what we are already doing to make that happen? Who will come to these events?

When I came back to the farm, I was clear that I couldn’t do the farm work from 6am-6pm and then do all the books, emailing and marketing in the evenings and on Sunday which has been my parent’s practice. How do we find the time to do those things and do them well while not neglecting all of the farming part of running your own business?

So many questions, and not enough time. Lots of gratitude for being on this journey and having the opportunity to grow and raise incredible food. Thanks for making it possible.




One thought on “Labour Day Musings from Katrina

  1. Marjorie K Hartleib says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Yes how indeed to answer all your queries haha.
    You all are doing a great job sustaining us customers with your great farm offerings !!
    All as they say will work out in the end, keep up the great work 🙂


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