2013 07 08 410We raise our own calves from a small herd of Saler Herford and Angus cross cows.

2013 05 17 Favourite-CalfOur cattle spend the summer and fall on our pastures where we move them daily so that they graze in a manner similar to a herd of Buffalo. They graze an area intensely fertilizing it with their dung and then moving on to a fresh piece and coming back after the plants have had a chance to fully recover from the first grazing. They have access to fresh water, salt, mineral and kelp while on pasture. We have also been practicing Holistic Management planned rotational grazing to achieve more “herd effect” on our pastures and have increased the recovery time for the plants. This means giving the cattle a very small area for a few hours before moving them into the next piece.

2013_01_23 winter MPOF 024Web bullAny steers that we overwinter are fed baled organic hay. Steers kept through the winter become the spring beef available for the summer Bar-B-Q season. We also offer Lean Ground Beef either as 1 lb packages in 10 lb lots or as ¼ lb hamburger patties in 12 lb boxes.

Standard Beef Cutting Instructions
Roasts – 4 lb
Prime Rib – as a Roast
T-Bone – 3/4 inch thick
Sirloin – 3/4 inch thick
Round – 3/4 inch thick – cut in half
Hamburger – 75% – 1 lb packages
Stew Beef – 25% – 1 lb packages
Soup Bones – in the Ground
Short Rib Roast – into Hamburger

If you prefer different cutting instructions please send them when placing your order.
NOTE: Cutting instructions are only required for quarters and larger orders.

6 thoughts on “Beef

    • mcquaka says:

      Hi Nina, We follow Canada’s organic certification requirements and our cattle are certified organic. No hormones are used on our cattle. We also raise them without the use of antibiotics. The one exception to this is that, if one of them were to get ill or have an infection that we couldn’t treat any other way, they would be identified as having received antibiotics so that we don’t mix them with the rest of our animals.


    • mcquaka says:

      We only feed our cattle grass (pasture) from May through November and they are fed 100% hay (or grass if it is still growing) for the rest of the year. They do not get any grain. So, yes, we consider them 100% grass fed and finished.


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