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2013 05 22 White-Rock-CrossFor the past number of years, starting when Katrina and Rachel wanted to be able to have a “summer job” as children, we raised 300 meat birds as part of the Ontario small flock program. Starting in 2016, we have been approved to raise 600+ meat birds as part of the Ontario Artisanal flock program.

New_ChicksWe get our chicks as day olds from a local hatchery, and brood them until they are large enough to go out into our pasture pens for daily moves on fresh pasture. One of the great things about chickens is that they add nitrogen to our fields which is great for our pastures, and they are also avid insect eaters, so help with pest and parasite control for the other animals.

You can purchase our meat chickens as either whole roasters, or a whole bird – cut into halves or into pieces. You can also purchase chicken feet – great for making stock and chicken livers!

Pastured Chicken

Organically fed and pasture raised, these chickens are tasty! Available now or by order.

How it Works

Easy! Chickens are available until we sell out of them! If you don’t want to take the chance that we sell out, you can order ahead of time by using our online order form here.

  • When you order, you send us a non-refundable deposit towards the total cost of your order. (We will accept orders until we’re sold out).
  • Your chickens grow up in our pastures eating grass and an organic and local grain ration;
  • Shefter’s Poultry Processing is our local poultry processor, who harvests the birds, weighs them and freezes them for us.
  • You pick up a year’s supply of chicken on the farm starting mid-June or we deliver to select locations until Christmas.

These chickens have the life!  On pasture as soon as they’re sturdy enough (4 weeks), we place their mobile pens in electronet and move them onto fresh pasture daily so they can forage whenever they like.  A custom mixed organic, local feed ration supplements their foraging.

The average household of four will eat 15 to 20 chickens a year.

Chicken Products

We aim for 5-8lb birds and depending on how you have them cut, they sell starting at $5.45/lb.

If you’d like to order chicken gizzards or chicken hearts -please let us know as we can only have them saved for you if we know before the butcher dates.


Item Price ($/lb) Est. Weight Deposit
Whole Chicken $5.45 5-8 lbs $10
Halved Chickens $6.35 5-8 lbs $10
Pieced Chicken $6.65 5-8 lbs $10
Chicken Feet / Livers $5.45/lb 1 lb pkgs $2/lb


Chickens are available from June on, as long as they last.  You can also reserve your chickens by filling out the order form, when we receive your online order, we will send an order confirmation email with an invoice for the non-refundable deposit. The remainder of your payment will be due at pick-up/delivery when exact weights are known. Orders are final once deposits are received.

We accept paper checks and direct bank transfers (click “Pay Now” on your invoice) to pay with a credit card, let us know, and we will add the 3.5% credit card service fee.

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