Draft Horses

Photo Credit: Aden SpurrAt Meeting Place Organic Farm we’ve farmed with draft horses since the mid-1970’s. Up until 2014, we exclusively used Belgium work horses, born and raised on our farm, descendents from our original team.

Nate and PeteDue to the shortness of our next generation, we needed shorter work horses and so crossed our Belgium’s with Suffolk Punch. Zach and Yoda looked like a promising shorter team, when tragically in the winter of 2013, we lost Yoda. We were heart broken.

In 2014 we decided to try out a team of Norwegian Fjord’s- Gailen and Ginger. They have been with us for about a year now, and it has been a mutual learning experience.

Occasionally we have teams of horses for sale. If you’re interested in either Norwegian Fjords or Belgium horses, please get in touch by email.

2 thoughts on “Draft Horses

  1. Bryan mclean says:

    I talked to you a while back on phone about Belgian and suffice punch are they sold or are they still for sale bryan


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