Lamb Skins and Cow Hides

Soft, natural and cuddly, lambskins are a great place to put your feet when you get out of bed, or for the bedridden, to relieve potential bedsore pressure points. They are also a warm spot in a cold car on a blustery winter morning. We get our lambskins tanned at the Atlas Tanning Company in Blyth, Ontario. They are machine washable and warm. Enjoy one on your seat or under your feet.

Washable large skins $120 plus HST. Shipping Extra (if not delivered with meat).
To order please use meat order form or call or email us.

New starting 2015! If you’d be interested in a cow hide rug to add comfort and decoration to your space, we are taking special orders. As we don’t keep these in stock, the turn around time from your order will be significantly longer. Prices may vary – ranging from $350 to $500 depending on size.


One thought on “Lamb Skins and Cow Hides

  1. Alpha Leatherworks says:

    I am from Saskatchewan, and I need approx. 50 or more lamb skins a year, are you able to supply this and at what price. Thankyou for taking time to reply.


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