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Our pigs are raised farrow to finish on the farm. Depending on the year we have 2-3 breeding sows that are daughters of our original sows, Hiccup and Sneeze. Their breeding is mostly Duroc with some Berkshire mixed in there.

We bring our sows into the barn to farrow year round and keep them and their new litter of piglets in the barn until we wean the piglets. Then the piglets (and sows once they are re-bred) get put out on pasture. In the spring/summer/fall they are rotated around green pastures to spread out their fertility and prevent them from doing any permanent damage to the land. In the winter, the piglets are put out in our orchard with a cozy hut, deep bedded with straw to snuggle down and keep warm in when they aren’t romping around, playing in the snow and eating fallen apples.


We have them butchered at Green’s Meat Market which is a local family owned provincially inspected facility that is only 18 km from our farm which makes for low stress travel. We think Green’s do a great job on their cutting and curing. We think it tastes great and that is what we hear from our customers too. Cured meats (hams and bacons) have nitrates.

Standard Pork Cutting Instructions:

Pork Chops – 5/8 inch thick – Bulk Pack
Shoulder – Roast Bone In
Side Pork – Cured for Bacon (sliced and bulk packed in box)
Ribs – cut for Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
Pork Hocks – into sausage
Sausage – 1” Plain (1 lb bags)
Hams – Cured (4 lb roasts)

If you prefer different cutting instructions please send them when placing your order.
NOTE: Cutting instructions are only required for half or whole pork orders.

Additional pork offerings:

The last couple years we’ve been expanding our pork offerings to include:

  • 5lb bulk boxes of sausages: either Italian, honey-garlic or plain
  • Beef and Pork pepperettes: mild or medium
  • Beef and Pork summer sausage – 1/2 lb or 1 lb packages
  • limited quantities of bacon

Also available:

BBQ pigs – approx. 75-100 lbs HCW, head on, ready for the spit. $5/lb. By special arrangement only!

Live piglets for raising yourself!


Our pigs are a mix of breeds known for their delicious flavour, long loins (more bacon!) and friendly nature. Their diet consists of many tasty things they find in their rotated paddocks around the farm and a custom mixed feed made with certified organic grain.

How it Works

  • Place an order here. We often have pork available year round, so please specify what time frame you are hoping for pork!
  • After you place your order, we will confirm your order via email and ask for a non-refundable deposit.
  • Full payment is due upon delivery/on farm pick up.

Custom Cut Items

Our custom cut items include a whole pig, a side, and a quarter.  The basic idea is you are ordering a portion of the animal, and you get to choose (we can help too!) how it is cut up. If you’d like to try using our Pork Cut Sheet, you can choose from all our cutting options! If you’re not sure, or like how we do things, our standard cutting will likely include the following cuts:

  • pork chops
  • ribs
  • sausage
  • cured ham roast
  • smoked bacon
  • shoulder roast

Custom cut portions include ground pork or sausage (All gluten free. Your choice of honey garlic, Italian, plain or breakfast links). A whole hog cut the way we usually do it yields approximately 40 pounds of sausage or ground pork. (20 lbs for a side)

Prices for value added pork processing

  • Curing: $0.75/lb
  • Sausage Making $0.65/lb

To cover the added cost of ingredients and labor the following fees apply to bacon, sausage and cured pork chops. The fee is based on the “green” weight of the cut, which is to say the weight of the cut before it has been cured. For example, when bacon is made, you take a 10 lb side of bacon and cure it in the bacon rub. Then it is smoked, sliced and packaged. We are charged $0.75/lb for bacon, and so the bacon fee would be $7.50. Because curing and smoking remove water weight the total weight of your finished bacon may only be 7-8 lbs.

Item Price ($/lb) Weight
(Est. hw*)
Total Cost
(Based on est. hw)
Whole Hog $5.77 160 -200 hw ~ $950 $300
Side (½) $5.77 80-100 hw ~ $500 $150
5 lbs bacon $13.40 5 lbs $65 $25
5 lbs sausage box $10.25 5 lbs $50 $25
5 lbs breakfast sausage box $11.75 5 lbs $57 $25
5 lbs pork ribs $10 5 lbs $60 $25
20 lb mixed pack $195 20 lbs 195 $75

“Hanging Weight” is 30-40% more than what you will take home.

Fixed Weight Items

If you’d like to add more sausage or bacon to your order you can order the following fixed weight items listed below:

  • Sausage – 5 pound minimum of 1 pound packages or 5 lb bulk box of your choice of these flavors: Gluten Free – 1″ plain, 1″ honey-garlic, 1″ Italian. $10.25/lb or breakfast links $11.75/lb.
  • Ground Pork – 5 pound minimum of 1-pound packages of plain ground pork. $10.25/lb
  • Bacon – 5 pound minimum of cured, smoked, sliced bacon.  $13.40/lb
  • A 20-pound variety pack of farmer-selected cuts that would fit in a regular household freezer. Pack includes approximately 15 lbs of cuts and 5 lbs of sausage. $195/each 20-pound pack.


Fill out the order form, when we receive your online order, we will send an order confirmation email with an invoice for the non-refundable deposit. The remainder of your payment will be due at pick-up/delivery when exact weights are known. Orders are final once deposits are received.

We accept paper checks and direct bank transfers (click “Pay Now” on your invoice) to pay with a credit card, let us know, and we will add the 3.5% credit card service fee

For the past number of years we’ve gotten most of our piglets from local Amish neighbors who keep a few sows as part of their small mixed farms. They weren’t certified organic but they were definitely local. Once they arrived on our farm the pigs were raised according to the Organic Standard- fed certified organic feed, free ranged on pasture, and fed lots of additional greens and weeds from the garden. Watching the little chunkers frolicking out on pasture, wallowing in the mud and doing a great job of rooting out sow thistle and other bothersome weeds has been a complete pleasure.
Starting in 2015, we decided to complete the cycle of pigs on the farm and purchased certified organic 2 Berkshire/Duroc gilts from friends. Hiccup and Sneeze as they are affectionately called arrived at about 300 lbs and have grown to a majestic 600. In December they each had a litter, bringing 18 lively piglets into our lives and introducing us all to the joys of pigging.
This winter, our pigs are enjoying deep bedding, large spacious pens and mucking about in the rest of the barn during the day. Once the weather warms up, they will have more access to the outdoors and move out on to pasture permanently once the fields are ready.

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