iphone6 661For the past number of years we’ve gotten most of our piglets from local Amish neighbors who keep a few sows as part of their small mixed farms. They weren’t certified organic but they were definitely local. Once they arrived on our farm the pigs were raised according to the Organic Standard- fed certified organic feed, free ranged on pasture, and fed lots of additional greens and weeds from the garden. 2013 07 08 247Watching the little chunkers frolicking out on pasture, wallowing in the mud and doing a great job of rooting out sow thistle and other bothersome weeds has been a complete pleasure.

IMG_6201Starting in 2015, we decided to complete the cycle of pigs on the farm and purchased certified organic 2 Berkshire/Duroc gilts from friends. Hiccup and Sneeze as they are affectionately called arrived at about 300 lbs and have grown to a majestic 600. In December they each had a litter, bringing 18 lively piglets into our lives and introducing us all to the joys of pigging.


This winter, our pigs are enjoying deep bedding, large spacious pens and mucking about in the rest of the barn during the day. Once the weather warms up, they will have more access to the outdoors and move out on to pasture permanently once the fields are ready.

2017 Update. We’ve been having some breeding challenges and adventures this year so our first batch of piglets this year aren’t from Hiccup and Sneeze. They are a batch of Berkshires from a neighbouring GMO free farm that we’ve raised organically since they were weaned.

We have them butchered at Green’s Meat Market which is a local family owned provincially inspected facility that is only 18 km from our farm which makes for low stress travel. We think Green’s do a great job on their cutting and curing. We think it tastes great and that is what we hear from our customers too. Cured meats (hams and bacons) have nitrates.

Standard Pork Cutting Instructions:

Pork Chops – 5/8 inch thick – Bulk Pack
Shoulder – Roast Bone In
Side Pork – Cured for Bacon
(sliced and bulk packed in box)
Ribs – cut for Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
Pork Hocks – into sausage
Sausage – 1” Plain (1 lb bags)
Hams – Cured (4 lb roasts)

If you prefer different cutting instructions please send them when placing your order.
NOTE: Cutting instructions are only required for half or whole pork orders.

Additional pork offerings:

The last couple years we’ve been expanding our pork offerings to include:

  • 5lb bulk boxes of sausages: either Italian, honey-garlic or plain
  • pepperettes: mild or medium
  • summer sausage – 1/2 lb or 1 lb packages
  • limited quantities of bacon

Also available:

BBQ pigs – approx. 75-100 lbs HCW, head on, ready for the spit. $5/lb. By special arrangement only!

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